The warehouse of the Edo Period was made a restaurant.

A guide to our restaurant

Welcome to the Restaurant Kurayoshi.

Our restaurant structures are time-honored storehouses called “KURA” built about 170 years ago.

KURA is a durable building with very thick walls made of timber, stone, soil and straw.

Those fireproof walls are thick enough to protect valuable items such as rice, grains or Sake from theft as well as moisture or natural disasters.

When these KURAs were built, a large SAKE brewery were located in this area, from the present Yokomachi intersection to Restaurant Kurayoshi.

There were seven KURAs in the site. The present Kurayoshi‘s structures are the only two remaining.

The larger one on the north side is used for guests’ dining and the other is for a part of the kitchen.

The front of the store

In the first floor store, corridor

The guest room of Momoasuka

The picture of the fusuma

Samurai armor

   The room of TAKUMI    The room of the second floor              
 Around the entrance      The first floor room     
        Entrance door        The old era written
                             in the wall

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