The page of the a la carte dish, pot cooking, the Japanese noodle.

A la carte dish
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   Gyutan Kushiyaki

   Gyutan Kurokosyoyaki

   Kurobei Tanpin

   Jidori Kushiyaki

   Touhu Steak

   Agedashi Touhu


   Honetsuki Sausage

   A la carte Tenpura

   A fresh raw fish kind.

.   Various others. 
   Gyutan Kushiyaki       Kurobei Tanpin
     Yudouhu           Engawa Sashimi
  Sushi can be ordered with your favorite ingredients.

Pot cooking
 Pot cooking of the duck
 Kamo-Nabe ・ ・ The meat of the duck is boiled in the original soup. It is established, and it is special product cooking of Kurayoshi for about 20 years.
 Kurayoshi-Nabe ・・・ Fish and shells, meat, noodles, and so on are boiled in miso soup
 Yose-Nabe ・・・ Fish and shells, chicken, vegetables, and so on are boiled in a light soup.
 Kani-Nabe ・・・ It is a soup from a boiled big crab.

Japanese noodles

 Nato-Soba(or Udon)
 Tenzaru-Soba(or Udon)
 Ebiten-Soba(or Udon)
 Various others

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