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Local information

Kuroishi Tourist Association Full information about sightseeing, events, traffic, and souvenirs in Kuroishi.
Lamp no Yado Aoni Onsen Located in Kuroishi's mountains, this Onsen has a rustic feel, and uses no electricity.
Aomori Sightseeing Guide Tourist information for all of Aomori Prefecture.
TSUGARU NAVI Tourist information for the western half of Aomori Prefecture.
Western Tsugaru Guide Sightseeing information for Tsugaru's western area.

Useful information

AccuWeather Weather forecast for Aomori Prefecture
HyperDia Timetables for trains, planes, buses · Fares · Transit guides · Route maps
Japan Transit Planner Timetables for trains, planes, buses, ferries · Fares · Transit guides · Route maps

Airline information
J A L Japan Air Lines 
A N A All Nippon Airways
 F D A  Fuji Dream Airlines

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