Local information and a useful link collection

Local information

Kuroishi City@@ The municipal government E citizen information of Kuroishi introduction.
Kuroishi tourist society Sightseeing, event, traffic, souvenir. Information on Kuroishi is full.
Kuroishi Nato Nato which is only made from domestic soybeans .
Mr.Shinichi Nakata@ The Neputa-festival of Kuroishi is introduced in detail.
Mr.Shouji Tsushima@ The hot information of Kuroishi is introduced. The homepage of the Ram-System
Mr.Kastuhiko Fukushi The photograph of Komise is introduced. A photograph is very beautiful.
Kuroishi Shokubutsuen It is the specialist of the alpine plant of Kuroishi.There are many photographs of the beautiful flower.
Kimura Ringoen It knows the charm of Aomori apple well. It was selected for the homepage contest.
Tanakaya It is the store of the tradition craft Tsugarunuri. It is established in the Meiji Period.
Aomori Keiei Kenkyukai It is the study group of the seminar graduate made "y the activation of the smaller enterprises z, purpose".
‚m‚`‚n‚m‚d‚s The information link of Aomori Prefecture inside. It is the link collection which the area, the educational facilities, the life, the medium are convenient for.

A convenient link

‚b‚v‚v - Weather forecast It knows every weather information.There are weather of each airport, slope information, too.
Timetable link It knows a timetable such as the train of the whole country, a bus, a ferry, a subway.
Expressway guidance When it is inputted, a charge is indicated the departure place and the arrival place .
Line reference It knows the time required from the departure station, the purpose station, a fare, a periodic fee. @

Airplane information
@J@ A @L http://www.jal.co.jp/@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
@A@ N @K http://www.ana.co.jp/

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