Cooking instructions

How to make Sushi.

Sushi is eaten with chopsticks or with your fingers.
The rice for sushi shouldn't come apart in your mouth.
The art of sushi making has been around since the old days.
There are set rules that you must follow when making sushi.
Sushi should be served cold, clean, beautiful, and fresh.
Please enjoy the challenge of making delicious sushi.
The following is our method. Please take a look.

After cooking the rice, it is left to sit for 15 minutes so that it can steam to its center. Traditionally the rice is then transferred to a sushi-oke shallow wooden container, but a baking pan makes a fine substitute. Vinegar is mixed in accordance with the consistency of the rice, while air is blown over the top. Thus rice for sushi (called shari) is made. Next the other ingredients for the sushi are all carefully cut and arranged. The plate with the water to wet your hands, and the plate on which the sushi will be served are also prepared.

Wet both hands with a little bit of water.
Take the proper quantity of shari with your right hand.

Gently roll the shari in your hand and make a soft ball.

Use your left hand to hold the fish. The shari ball should be in your right hand.
Hold the ingredients softly so that they will not absorb the heat from your hands.
Wasabi is taken with the right index finger, and put in the center of the underside of the fish.
The shari ball is placed in the center of the fish.
A hole is made in the rice with your thumb for air.
The bottom of the sushi is gently flattened using the forefingers of the right hand.
At the same time, the front of the rice is held in place with the thumb.
Using your right hand, flip the sushi vertically so that the opposite end is facing your thumb. It should now be fish side up.
Pass the sushi back into your left hand.
Press gently on the fish in the same way as the first time, using your forefingers and thumb to give the fish its curved shape.
Refine the shape.
 Use your fingers to lightly polish the surface of the fish.
   And now you have perfect sushi.

You are a true craftsman if you can make it within 12 seconds.

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