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How to make Sushi.

You eat Sushi with chopsticks.
The rice for Sushi shouldn't collapse and come apart in your mouth.
The art of Sushi making has been around since the old days.
There are set rules that you must follow when making Sushi..
Sushi should be served cold, beautiful, clean and safe.
Please enjoy the challenge of making delicious Sushi..
The following is our method. Have a look at it, please.

After the fire goes out, the rice is left for 15 minutes. Vinegar is mixed properly in accordance with the consistency of the rice and rice (Shari) for sushi is made. The ingredients for it are all cut beautifully and arranged. The plate with the water to make your hands wet and the plate in which the sushi will be served are prepared .

Wet both hands with a little bit of water.
Have Shari to the proper quantity with your right hand.

Gently roll Shyari in the hand and make a soft ball.

Use your left hand to hold the fish. The Syari ball should be in your right hand.
Hold the ingredients softly so that they will not absorb the heat from your hands.
Wasabi is taken in the right hand forefinger, and put in the center of the material.
Syari is put in the center of the material.
A hole is made in the rice with your thumb.
【The first formation】
The bottom of a ship shape is made by the forefingers of the left hand.
The side is restrained with the thumb. It is slightly restrained at the same time with the two right fingers from the top.
Take the ball with your right hand from the left hand to rotate it.
Rotate the ball and pass it back into the left hand.
【The second 】
It is slightly restrained in the same way as the first time.
 Prepare the shape.
  A little bit of polishing is done.
   And there you have a perfect Sushi.

You are a craftsman if you can make it within seven seconds.

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